This avatar is not imported as a humanoid rig and will not play vrchat's provided animation set

Hello, I have searched on the internet how to solve this error because when I export my generic avatar to vrchat its animations do not appear and instead of the animations it remains static and I have already done the locomotion and the avatar mask and I get the same error So what do I do so that my generic avatar has the animations in the game?

I don’t have unity open right now, but for the fbx file when you look at the import settings, I wonder about the name of the options, there is a humanoid option, and I can’t recall what the other option is. Well, I have a feeling that it’s named something close to generic.

I believe you find the 3d model under assets, and then when you select it, take a look at the inspector window/column

This message is simply telling you that you have to do the animations yourself. You can ignore it if you are actually using a generic (non-humanoid) rig and plan to set up your own animations from scratch.

If your animations are not working, you need to provide more information on what you have done and tried to get generic animations working.