SDK Release 3.6.0

Exciting news, SDK 3.6.0 together with VCC (Creator Companion) 2.3.0 are now out of beta and available to use!

Unity Version Upgrade

With this change, we now officially support Unity version 2022.3.22f1! Don’t worry, the currently recommended .6f1 version will continue to work for a while to come.

We’d still encourage you to give the upgrade a try - we haven’t seen any issues upgrading projects so far, and the new VCC version will guide you through the upgrade start-to-finish!

SDK 3.6.0 Changes

The full changelog is available here: Release 3.6.0 | VRChat Creation


  • Big updates to the Worlds SDK for creators! This is a major rework with a lot of additions including:
    • A rewrite of all almost all custom inspectors in the World’s SDK.
    • Updated HelpURLs (the question mark on a component) to actually taking you to the VRC docs (gasp).
    • Properly added almost 20 components to the Add Component → VRChat section.
  • World creators now have the ability to modify the value of UnityEngine.Physics.bounceThreshold via Udon.

Other Changes

  • Layers 3, 6, and 7 are now reserved layers for VRChat. Previously, these were internally reserved by Unity and were freed up in Unity 2022.
  • Fixed the broken Standard Lite shader Emission feature.
  • Exposed missing string methods to Udon.

Public API Changes :warning:

  • SDK methods from ShaderValidation have been moved into the ValidationUtils class.
  • Method signatures from ValidationUtils have been modified. Anyone using these methods may need to update their code!