Is there a way to apply/appeal to remove age gating?

As title says, I would like to appeal my age towards the vrc devs - this is because gating takes away from interactions with my friends, and not being able to see their avatars is a hinderance that I’d rather not deal with. Personally, I am 16 years of age - which in my country - classes me as a “Young Adult”. Also,
I am unsure if I have set my age to be younger than I am - i.e I may have set my age to be 10 when I made my account a while back (stupidity of young adolescence). I do have proof of my age. Therefore, I feel like this rule should be appealable, or at the very least, able to be omitted when looking at your friends’ avatars.
If there is a way to remove age gating without me having to wait two years, I would gladly accept the method. Thank you.