Is there a Dev out there that can answer 10 questions for me?

Hi my name is JBunz and I am a Veteran that is going to be going to college for Software Engineering. I need to speak to 3 professionals in the field about how it is and a new grad as well as what companies are looking for in new grads. I have a page with 10 quick questions I need answered. If any devs have a second it would be very helpful.

The VRC support site is a rarefied environment and not particularly conducive to general questions about the software industry. Graphical game development is a branch, Unity is a niche and VRC is a niche of a niche.

Software Engineering covers a huge field these days.

I would suggest contacting them through LinkedIn, its easier as its more professional. Make sure you profile is very clean and your first message is nice

Maybe Reddit too, it’s filled with passionate people of various IT domains, and that way you can go to multiple subreddits depending on the field you are interested in :pray: