Developer Update - 30 May 2024

As a follow-up to this, will the compatibility circles clear out? Or other indications for cross platform use?

I’m just thinking if a quest user has an avatar where the PC version no longer functions, will VRChat let them know?

For this currently we don’t notify the author if an avatar has failed checks but it is something we definitely want to improve and have plans to (both in the short and medium term).

As of current no, but it would be good to have some indication that a different platforms version has failed even if not the author. It might be something we can get to while resolving the other point, or at least something that becomes much easier to do so.

This is the main thing people dropping world frozen objects tend to want though. Th lack of syncing is a huge pain. People have made systems using multiple proxies as axis to offset the position in worldspace relative to world origin with limited precision; it shouldn’t be complicated to just add sync-able 3 float (constaint1_x, constraint1_y, constraint1_z) for a limited precision value relative to world origin, in the same way proxies and stretch and so on give a value that can be used in a parameter.

People who drop objects usually want it to be a set piece for something that ideally everyone can mutually experience, be it a juke box or a backrooms portal, or a teleporter chair, or whatever. Drop and forget is a game changer with how world synced systems have been cooked up.

  1. wouldn’t that be a Vector3 (forgetting that we’re talking about the Jobs system)?
  2. wouldn’t that mean that we’d want the animator to be fully enabled all the time which already as it is is a big performance hog?
  1. i was talking about the parameter floats. animator parameters only coime in bool, int, float, and trigger (self-resetting bool).
  2. What? No? It only needs to update the pos for a single sync frame or until pushed by network just like any other parameter.

Plus if someone found a need to have their animator always running for a showcase avatar i’m pretty sure de-culler objects still work to keep the animator running.

Can you tell everyone how much time is left and what important destructive policies will be implemented in the form of an in-game announcement?

I found that even with these months of efforts to spread the word, there are still countless people who don’t know this is about to happen.

It seems that only a few people are aware of the new Avatar capacity limit.

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It’s been mentioned multiple times in different dev posts. They’ve also said a few times it’s going to affect very small percentage of avatars, and that any avatars that do go past the limit can absolutely be easily cut down. Just make sure to not have all your textures set to 4k, masks and normal maps you can easily go down to 1k or even lower without quality loss.

It’s not that they haven’t been telling people, it’s that people aren’t reading the dev blogs. :frowning:

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The bad thing is that most people don’t come to read these places.

Information Cocoons are a serious matter. People seem to never come into contact with this information and never know about it.

They’ll complain afterwards.

The bad thing is that currently only 2% of the impact is due to miscalculation of the uncompressed size due to crunch.

It may happen again in the future, and the scope of influence will be much larger than it is now. So how long will it take to reach everyone?

Maybe replace the PC circle in avatar list with a ram icon. So when people are scrolling through the saved avatars or in an avatar world they can see and wonder about the odd symbol.

I think the challenge would be to make an announcement in a way that got people to pay attention but not rile them up. Would be very easy to make a banner that says “VRChat is killing your avatars”. Then the details are like “jk it’s only a few”

Personally I’d like to see a world with a security scanner and when someone walks through the avatar information for all platforms is shown on a wall. I know VRChat can do a private component for a certain world. Walk through the scanner with an avatar that is too big, and it’s like red alert

If in the next Dev Update they don’t say a work about rethinking the “Boops” system, or at least adding a DM feature - I’m done.

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It’s already in beta, and they added a global on/off feature whether you want to receive them or not.

Thats their fault then for not looking frankly. VRChat gives people plenty of time and transparency with these dev blogs and if people aren’t looking at them thats their fault if some change sneaks up on them cause they didn’t bother to look.

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