Developer Update - 26 October 2023

so this probably isnt the place to make sugestions but ive been wondering
cant you make a rudimentry version of cloth physics if you set up a system that lets us tie the root and tips of phys bones together (with a bit of stretch and colision along whatever string we are useing to tie them together) , createing a kind of super low poly cloth physic mesh

ive tried to sugest this in the discord before but it tends to get flooded away

as a seperate question, ive heard that on newer versions of unity you can add from some new render pipeline’s or something like that, an infinit water plain, will we be able to have acess to this or am i just blind and we already have it?

Will the spookality 2023 version of VRChat home be archived separately?

I got a friend that really likes the larger mirror area, and prefers the lighting in VRChat home. Well, they’re on Quest, I think they trust the lighting in VRChat home for looking at stuff they’re working on.