Community Update - 19 October 2020

Hello all! Time for another Community Update.

Join the VRChat Team

Interested in joining the VRChat team? We’re actively looking to fill a few roles. For those who have already applied, we are slowly working through all of these applications - thanks for your patience! Our application review process is still early and as a result response times may be long! We’re working on getting you feedback earlier.

Visit our Careers page to learn more.

VRChat 2020.4.1

We expect to release VRChat 2020.4.1 this week! You can check it out on the Open Beta branch now. So far, it includes a ton of major improvements and new features including:

  • Real-time friend updates!
  • Udon-powered voice control!
  • Cinemachine
  • Performance improvements

Spookality 2020

VRChat’s annual Spookality contest is nearing its submission deadline! If you plan on submitting, ensure you submit your entry before 12PM Pacific Time on the 23rd. Good luck to all the participants!