Can we control the logging?

I’m always checking the logs during development but have to filter out all the VRC logging which I typically don’t need to see. Is there a way to control the level of details during testing?

It isn’t these messages specifically I’m just showing examples

[Behaviour] Going to current users Home world
[Behaviour] waiting for UI Manager
[VRCInputManager] Personal space set to: True
[GC] Memory Usage: Before Allocation


I don’t know lowering the log level, the only options are at Launch Options from the documentation.

Don’t know about anything else. Maybe you could by parsing them through a third party software.

Maybe a small discussion of the options would benefit many of us if we don’t know what they control or exactly where and when to set them.

I’m already filtering for me logging messages I would rather not see all the details about friends and avatars being loaded and other non-essential things while testing my code.

For instance, there is a “Force Non-VR” check box on the Offline Testing section of the VRChat SDK tab. Why that particular setting and not others? What does it affect?

Enable World Reload seems to make sense but what purpose would disabling it have? If a person is testing and doesn’t want to reload wouldn’t they just not press the reload button?

It might be cool if they took a SteamVR approach and separated logs based on process. So being able to have Udon logs be separate from the Unity logs, but idk.

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