Can no longer record videos in vrchat

For the past few weeks i have been having problems recording video in vrchat.

I would open the oculus menu bu pressing the the oculus button on the right controller and select record and i get the red dot on my display, showing that I’m recording. I’ve recorded a bunch of videos that way with no problems.

Lately, the past couple of weeks, when i go to do this, it cuts out all audio, from the world and other players. If i stop recording the problems still persist. And if softlocks the app by not allowing me to rejoin the world or go to another one, i have to quit vrchat and load up again.

Ive tried resetting my settings and uninstalling/reinstalling vrchat to no effect.

Im using the Quest 2

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You are not the only one it does the same thing for me when I try to make a video when I do it I can’t hear anything and I am a YouTuber so VRchat please fix this

I’m having the exact same issue. I hope the VRC devs fix this.