Branding Guideline for Tool or Service Names?

In the current branding guideline, there is guideline for VRChat logo.
However, there is no guidelines for tool or service name.
Could you provide some branding guideline for naming our thing?

I want to express unofficial relationship with VRChat, Udon, VCC or some products by VRChat in some way in our tool name.
However, since there are no guidelines, it’s hard to know if the name is violating branding VRChat thought.
Therefore, I want branding guideline of VRChat for naming our products.

There already several tools contains “VRC”, “VCC” in name like VRCX, VCC for mac and others.
I’m assuming including “VCC”, “VRC”, or “Udon” is a little different than including “VRChat” but it’s not clear.
It would be appreciate that if you make it clear in the naming branding guideline?


A good question! I’ll ask.


About 2.5 weeks has been passed. Is there any updates?

I’m working on a new tool several weeks and I’m hoping to see branding guidelines for tools before releasing it.

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Sorry about the delay, legal-type questions always take a little while.

As long as you are not trying to indicate that the tool is provided by or endorsed by us, the usage of “VRChat” in a tool name (such as “VRChat Avatar Optimizer” or etc) to indicate its intended use or purpose is OK.


Thank you for quick response! I’ll name my new tool based on the guideline.