[Avatar SDK suggestion] Eye blinking boolean parameter?

There are a few feature requests for this on the Canny, but I figured I’d bring it up here since they’re getting kind of old…

I think having a boolean for when blinks happen would be incredibly useful for basically all avatar creators

Currently, I’ve managed to figure out an animator for myself that mostly fixes all my problems with double blinking, but I believe I could make it much more performant and MUCH simpler if I had access to a boolean that tells me if a blink is happening. I think I had spent at least 10 hours (spread out) trying to get the logic just right to prevent double blinking… and I don’t think it should be that difficult

There is also things I just straight up can’t do that I would like to do, for example lets say I have an Angry eye shape that I want to disable only when Blink = True… I don’t believe that is possible unless I created my own blinking system, but I like how VRChat’s default blinking system looks

I don’t think introducing a boolean could break previous avatar setups as long as the name is something more specific than just “Blink” but I’m not as immersed on the technical side of Unity so I’d love to hear thoughts on this!

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This sounds like a pretty good feature to me, especially as a float. It also has creative potential. Good idea to bring it up.