Academic & Studio Developer Relations / University Community Contact?

Hi. I’m a Director at UCSD’s MAVERiC Studio, a public-private partnership between The University of California and OrigamiAir.Co. We are training cohorts of developers on the VRC platform and looking to educate them on the creator economy and how to be good citizens of the platform. I’d like to do a workshop in San Diego with the team. We do this quarterly on campus. I reached out to Charles Tupper and Sam Luangkhot on Linked In.

You can see what we’re doing here [Programs & Workshops (](Programs & Workshops

and have just shared this month on youtube

Please reach back with who I can connect with for:

  • Developer relations
  • Academic/University partnerships
  • Creator Economy Workshops ( live, but we’re also on discord at ORIGAMI AIR STUDIOS )