Would it be cool to share your own home with someone on vrchat

It will be cool to see vrchat if your friend is in the same instant you can join them while being offline and you can live with them on the same instant because if you’re married with someone or if you’re in love with them IRL you can do a world instant share you can live with them instead of leaving the interest of your home desire for example if they go offline you can still be there and wait on them and multiple people can do that same thing and if they don’t want to they can have an option to turn it off I think it’ll be a good idea for future relationships or future things like if you want a roommate without making a new world every time let’s call it the world sharing button where you can share an instant with that player and live with them and never reset it’s a good way to keep us together on vrchat that will be a cool future for y’all to add because it’ll make the world a better place to live together on a game the new home feature the sharing home :house_with_garden: on VR chat let me know what you think

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I have seen this as a feature request, so if you find yourself on the feedback site, make sure you vote for it.

You can do this with launch options already - just have both people but he same world/instance ID into their steam or shortcut’s launch options: