Worlds upload fine but are not accesible

This is getting rather frustrating. A few weeks back I was testing some worlds I wanted to make public. I could upload and visit them just fine. For the last couple of weeks though, I can get them uploaded but when I try to go to them (if the show up on my list of worlds at all)… I get bounced back to my Home.

I sent an email to tech support. They only suggested a couple of things I had not tied and yet the problem persists? Is this happening to anyone else?

My trust level is “new user” . I received an email stating that I had achieved enough trust to upload worlds and avatars about a week before the problems started.

Any advice?

Are there any scripts in the project or scene?
Did you check the console for errors with a red “!” icon?
Did you delete and update the SDK in the project with Unity still running?
I guess it is the correct Unity version and the latest SDK since you wrote it worked a few weeks ago.

No scripts. Tried a very basic build - cube for floor, spawn point for VRChat and scene descriptor.

No errors showed up. That might have made things a bit easier :slight_smile:
Yes deleted SDKs and cleared entries in Regedit before reinstalling them.
I have doubled checked the version numbers several times (in case I let it do an update by mistake etc).

So far I had uninstalled and reinstalled the correct version of Unity 3 times and replaced the SDKs at least as many.

See what I mean by ‘getting frustrating’? :slight_smile:

Had a similar issue. My problem was I accidentally switched from PC to Android but there was a crash during it and some values must have been changed so it no longer allowed me to make builds even though it looks fine.

For me, a new Unity project was all that was needed, sorry I can’t help any more than that though.

Got it resolved. But thanks. My issue was apparently impatience. The message that caught me was standard…basically Unities way of saying “Hey I am busy with that thing, if you need to go back to the SDK, you will have to stop this process first.”

I’m having the same issue. You didn’t have to do anything? It just started working eventually?