World doesn't update after being uploaded for the first time

Hi there. Google hasn’t been a friend to this, so hopefully this helps. I’m working on a world, and when I uploaded to VRChat for the very first time, it worked fine. However, I made some additions to it, and then went to upload it again. In Unity it gives no issues (says your world was successfully uploaded), but when I load the world again in VRChat, the world is the version I uploaded first, not the updated one. I tried changing the blueprint ID and it’s the same thing, the old version, but a different world ID. The only thing that updates successfully is the thumbnail for the world. I’ve tried removing the world from my content and then reuploading, but doing that has the strangest behavior: if I try to open to world, it just sends me to my homeworld. The only way I’ve been able to “fix” it is to delete the world from VRChat, create an entirely new Unity project, turn my entire world into a unitypackage, and then add it back. This allowed me to update the world, but isn’t ideal, as it takes a while to load an entire world from the unitypackage, and it still has the same issue; any new uploads of the world don’t apply.
Is this some odd issue with Unity, or something with the VRChat servers? It says on the status page that SDK uploads are working as intended.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I did run into a similar problem with the world deletion / new Upload.

After Deleting / Reuploading / Replacing the VRCWorld Prefab I got booted from the World when I joined it.

Checking the newest Log in Users/(Name)/AppData/LocalLow/VRChat/VRChat
revealed that the whole Delete/ReUpload Process seems to mess with the World ID.
My guess would be that you had mismatching World IDs aswell.

My fix to this was to copy the World ID it wants from the Log and pasting it into the Pipeline Manager Script.

After that Uploading and Updating worked again.

Maybe try that aswell :slight_smile:
(If your Log gives you the mismatching World ID error)

If that doesnt work, check the Console and the Logs for different errors.

Edit: On a Sidenote, If you are using the VRCWorld Prefab maybe consider deleting it and adding the VRCSceneDescriptor Script to a empty GameObject.

If you want to change the Movement Speed or Jumping impulse add a Udonbehavior and attach the VRCWorldSettings to it.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been told the VRCWorld Prefab comes with some issues.