World commision request!

I’ve been wanting to have a private world made similar to an existing world but with some extra features.
The world would be a bedroom with a mirror toggle and a few nsfw objects, some with dynamic penetration on them.
The extra thing would be a small door that would go to a miniature version of the world for people with TINY avatars.
If you think you could do this or want to give it a try for free or a cheap price please contact me!
Discord: AbsinWolf#2024

Considering an average world takes a lot of time and effort to work on. I don’t think you’ll get something for cheap or free.

You’ll have to remember that making a world, even if it’s a single room can take anywhere from a couple weeks when done by experienced people to a couple months.

But I’ve send you a friend request regardless since I’ll be willing to at least draw the project scope and assess how much time, energy and effort it’ll take.