Working mic for room audio

Hello! I’m new to udon and scripting in general and I’m building a wedding center for a couple of friends. Long story short I want a mic (pick up object) that can broadcast their voices to the rest of the room or just directly to players/attendees. Anyone have any idea?

Hmm… Have you considered assigning a VRC_SpatialAudioSource with 2D Audio to your VRC_Pickup object? Make sure to uncheck Use Spatialized Audio on the VRC_SpatialAudioSource and adjust Spatial Blend on the Audio Source to be at 100% 2D for the voice to be heard by everyone in room regardless of distance.

got a step by step? im new and know nothing of coding. also pick up seems to not be working

Here’s a pickup object tutorial for UDON by Vawgan VR. I couldn’t find a tutorial, however, for working with VRC_SpatialAudioSource and using it as a universal microphone. (sorry)

A. that tutorial, i already tried…
b. what’s 2d audio? it keeps giving me only 3d
im using udon…

Click on Add Component and add VRC Spatial Audio Source.

From the Inspector sidepanel, look for the Spatial Blend slider and set it to 100% 2D (This is set to 0% 3D in the screenshot, which is correct).

Now go to VRC Spatial Audio Source (Script) section and click on Advanced Options, and uncheck the Enable Spatialization option (the screenshot shows that it is checked, this is by default).

Screenshots from VRCSDK3-WORLD- on Unity 2018.4.20f1.

I have a working script for udon. This will allow a player coming in contact with the trigger and cast their voice to target distance. Near must be half of far value.


forgive my newbishness
where and what are the “set player” and “player” nodes?

I’m using the neon option so it looks funky, sorry.
the player is a variable which is the vrc player api. set player you should be able to find by search.

ok got the variable sorted, still having trouble with set player, i cant find it

never mind found it, thanks for the assist.

ok. you should have it then

uploading it to my world now, this should make never have i ever easier to play

by a million times