Will Udon be optional?

I really don’t want to have to re-learn everything all over again, just don’t have the time or patience, will I be able to continue to design avatars and worlds on the current methods?

to design avatars

UDON is not even an option on avatars.

Regarding worlds you can choose if you want SDK2 (Triggers) or SDK3 (Udon). By using SDK2 you will be able to continue creating worlds as you have before, although mind the initial migration to Unity 2018.


Yes, you can continue to use SDK2 (Triggers and Actions) if you like. It isn’t being deprecated. However, new features and options may only be available in SDK3 (Udon-powered) going forward.

Udon is not an option on avatars, as noted by foorack. This may change, but for now, Udon is only for worlds.