Why your "Time get Time" Node is probably broken and how to avoid it

We recently started prototyping through Vrchat and found something we wanted to share with you guys since we couldn’t find another post on the forum related to this problem.

When using the “Time get Time” node do NOT use the same node if you have multiple branches leading to that node.
If the first condition is being called it will return the actual value but if any of the other conditions
after that will be true it will ALWAYS return NULL.

You need to copy the part after the branches to have a “Time get Time” node for every other thing happening after that AND in other conditions. I repeat: NEVER use “Time get Time” nodes multiple times, it will not throw an error if you do but the logic of your code will be ruined.

Here is an example program on how you are NOT supposed to do it:

To avoid this problem you need to create another “Time get Time” node like this:

Best regards
the Devs from Evaluize

@evaluize.net - thanks for bringing this to our attention. We track bugs for Udon here. If you make a report, we can take a look and you’ll get a notification when the issue is fixed.

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Sadly we are not able to post there which is why I turned it into a guide. This is a company account and we don’t have the time to play the game to get the trust rank. We are prototyping in vrchat to test game ideas and to publish them as worlds further down the road :slight_smile: .