Why isn't my VIseme Lip Syncing working?

Hey, really frustrating problem I have ran into.

This is my first ever Avatar, and no matter what I do, I cannot get the lip syncing working. So I have posted here in an attempt to see if you guys find anything I do not.

I created the Shape Keys manually in Blender because I found they did not get created automatically by CATS. I am not sure if I did that correctly, but as far as my very limited knowledge goes, you just have to name them correctly and that is it.

Unity found the correct shape keys as you can see in the screenshot. But when talking, nothing happens. The Jaw bone is deleted. This is my last hope since I have tried everything in my knowledge. So please, if you have some wisdom, I would love to hear it.

Have you confirmed that in either blender or unity that the shape keys do actually move when their value changes?

They do not change in Blender nor Unity. How do I fix this?

May have to remake them, just as a heads up you don’t have to rename them but as a caveat you’ll have to select them manually in Unity. (Assuming you don’t use CATS to make all of them)

You should only have to make the visemes “AA, OH, and CH” then CATS should be able to make the rest of them, assuming it works correctly.

I am fairly sure this is the correct solution. Before I go in blind, would you have a guide you could recommend to me? Just so I do it right.

here’s reference for visemes

As for blender
ctrl + numpad plus makes it alot easier to select either the upper or lower part of the mouth
hide/separate one part, edit the other
proportional editing is your friend in this case

Also if there is symmetry around the mouth area I would definitely try to make use of it by only doing the visemes on one side and then manually mirroring, modifiers do not work with blendshapes/visemes

Sometimes if everything is setup perfectly you can go to the menu on the left side in edit mode > tools > options > mirror x
and that will let you edit on both sides of the mouth at once