Why is my Build and Publish button greyed out?

Hello! Im making my first avatar an want to press “build and publish”. The button is grayed out. Is it because my rig is not humanoid? Or is it because i am still “not allowed” to create anything due to my little time spent in VrChat so far? I just wanna know which one, thanks :smiley:

Probably not allowed since little time spend in-game. You have to use a VRChat account as well. Merging an meta or steam account are offer in the website.

Oh I’m still a “visitor”. Is this why?
So my Avatar can be a “generic” rig rather than humanoid right?


Oh thanks tons, I’m glad :smiley: Also p, I’ve put a chair on my avatar, will it work? I put everything that it’d need (station, sphere collider and rotation restriction), do chairs work still?

Yes, but station need to be enabled by default.

What do you mean by that?