Why don't these bones affect the eyelids in the VRChat SDK?


I’m nearly finished with this avatar! I have the eyelids controlled by these bones in Blender via shape key drivers:


But in the VRChat SDK, they don’t seem functional.


Here’s how they’re set up in the VRChat SDK:

Is there anything I did wrong?

You can find the Unity project here!

Thank you!

That’s a great question, and thanks for the in-depth images and GIFs. Helps show the problem quite clearly.

I’m actually not aware of a huge amount of people using this option, so it is totally possible that it simply doesn’t work.

I’ll take a quick look here.

:warning: FYI, you don’t need to include the Library, Logs, Packages, and PackageSettings folders-- just the Assets folder will do.

I also necessarily had to delete the VRCSDK folder for security purposes and imported my own, so I’m going to assume you’re using the latest Avatar SDK available on our site.

I got this interesting error on import:

Which made me think “Huh, I bet the eyelids aren’t weighted.” So I tried moving the eyes (which worked), then tried moving the eyelids:

In short, I’m pretty sure that you forgot to weight the eyelids to the bones. It’s also possible that Unity’s FBX importer doesn’t understand the format its being given, but it’s an FBX so there really isn’t much to mess up.