Why does the SDK3 Control panel think i have avatars when i don't?


I am new to unity and in the process of creating my first world. I added udon behaviors for the first time and tested them. They did not work as intended. I went back to the editor to adjust them and added a mirror with a button to test then saved.
When i tried to build the project, I got a message saying Avatars are currently not supported in SDK3. I already saved and there is no backup. I did not add any avatars between the previous build and now. I tried deleting all the scripts and buttons i made in between but nothing changes.

Is there anyone who knows what is happening? I would greatly appreciate any help.

I tried closing and opening the Unity Editor to no avail.

I did not find the exact asset that caused the problem but in deleting a whole bunch of them it returned to normal.
I removed anything blue in the hierarchy and any non texture assets. I will try to import back what was removed and see which asset caused the problem.

Usually this is caused by a stray descriptor script hiding somewhere on an asset in the scene, to locate a script in the hierarchy, you can type the script’s name with no spaces into your hierarchy search bar. For an avatar descriptor it would be;
Unlike regular gameobjects, you have to type the entire script name for its gameobject to appear.