Why does my water have weird reflections?

Hey there, I’m working on a personal world and everything seems fine, except for this weird reflection glitch in my pool and ocean that definitely doesn’t look right and is a serious eyesore. It’s like it’s reflecting the entire world at a very wrong angle. The reflection also seems to be “shared” across both the pool and ocean. Does anyone know what’s up with this?

Alternatively, is there a way to just remove the reflections from the water?


The water shader you’re using most likely does not support stereo rendering! Reflections in particular rarely work in VR.

Here is 2 water shaders that I’d personally recommend, and are widely used in worlds. Hopefully one of these 2 can fit your usecase.

Silent - Clear Water

RED_SIM - Perfect Water Shaders (Includes both free and paid version)

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Hey, thanks for these links, Centauri!

Silent - Clear Water still had the weird reflection issue, but RED_SIM’s shader works!