Why does my avatar look bad after importing to Unity

I’ve been trying to get a specific Avatar working for a little while now. I built it with VRoid Studio and have followed a few different guides on how to clean it up a bit in Blender before uploading it to VRChat. The problem I keep having is that when I export it from Blender and import it into Unity, it looks all messed up.

Here’s VRoid:

Here’s Blender:

And here’s Unity:

You can see that around the edges of the clothing it gets all jaggedy. It’s especially noticeable on the breasts. I thought that maybe it was the alpha layer causing issues, but I have turned on “Alpha is Transparent” for the texture in Unity, and it still looks like that.

Any idea what’s going on?

Well, I figured it out. I had to set the rendering preset in the Poiyami shader to “cutout”.


Hi! I am trying to upload an avatar, also from Vroid studio, and was wondering what you mean by poiyomi “cutout.” I’m having the same black square issue as you, so where could I find this setting? Additionally, what version of poiyomi are you using? Thanks!

I think for a 6 month old post you might be best suited by either looking for a video on this topic, or just looking through all the poiyomi options. Go with the 8.0 version as it’s free. Check either GitHub or thier discord server.

Poiyomi does have some “presets” and I know that the author is going to work on the presets being more noticable.

Also for the images (textures) make sure the “alpha as transparency” option is ticked.