Why does my avatar look bad after importing to Unity

I’ve been trying to get a specific Avatar working for a little while now. I built it with VRoid Studio and have followed a few different guides on how to clean it up a bit in Blender before uploading it to VRChat. The problem I keep having is that when I export it from Blender and import it into Unity, it looks all messed up.

Here’s VRoid:

Here’s Blender:

And here’s Unity:

You can see that around the edges of the clothing it gets all jaggedy. It’s especially noticeable on the breasts. I thought that maybe it was the alpha layer causing issues, but I have turned on “Alpha is Transparent” for the texture in Unity, and it still looks like that.

Any idea what’s going on?

Well, I figured it out. I had to set the rendering preset in the Poiyami shader to “cutout”.