Whole avatar is grey on quest

so i make a bunch of avatars and i make sure all my avatars are quest comp but when i tryed to update some avatars it looks fine in unity but in VRC for quest people the whole avatar is grey so idk if theres a fix or just a bug with vrchat at the moment

adding pictures might help pinpoint the issue, since “gray” in unity/vrc can be a lot of different issues…

well i cant really take a pic since i use a pc vr and its only on vrchat but i might have found out the problem so ill see

Hey if you found the solution can you please PLEASE tell me what it is i have been stuck on this problem for 4 days ive done everything the internet told me too and nothing is helping even having 1 material

sorry about the low quality took screenshot through quest

well that doesn’t look like a missing texture but rather a shader that’s not working, have you tried using poi’s shaders?

what is pois shaders? ive watched about 5 or 10 videos following what they do but VRchat/mobile/diffuse is what i used and others from that category but they dont work please do tell what pois shaders are and where to find them


vrchat has updated the shaders for quest so you now need to use the standard lite that should fix it

ill be sure to try both methods thank you guys for responding i appreciate it

you are a lifesaver thanks for telling me that standard lite really did work thanks so much you guys