When will Age Gating be coming back?

Age Gating was disabled at the end of 2023 and was said to be coming back in early 2024, we’re already midway through the year and I haven’t heard a single mention of it since.

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When you say age gating, is it like, hiding people under a certain age?

would be cool if we could lock worlds/groups/instances behind age verifications.

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Probably won’t ever append, as it would require people to be truthful with their age. And well, you are on the internet.

I’m talking about the Age Gating they had for a very brief period of time before disabling it due to complaints from people.

It forced Content Gating to be enabled for people under 18, without the option to turn it off for anything tagged, but was quickly reduced to just include Sexually Suggestive or Adult Language and Themes, then it was just disabled entirely.


It’s funny you say that.


I upvoted this awhile back, I think it’s a great idea that would benefit everyone.

For it to be effective though, VRChat would need to enable Age Gating again and start taking reports for missing tags seriously.


A good idea

All the huge current problems started since they decided, for some reason, to allow 13 kids into the game, when the game always been +18. I cannot comprehend such drastic change that would Obviously lead to serious issues. Huge dumb move… or worse.

Putting the game back to +18 (well, 16 is a more worldwide age) would do people a great service, although the damage has already been done.

I cannot fathom how bad and stupid the decision to put the game +13 was. Everything went down since then.

It was always 13+, not sure where you got the idea it ever was 18+?

I’m sure there’s earlier evidence but at least going back to September 9th 2020 it was listed as 13+: https://web.archive.org/web/20200909012148/https://hello.vrchat.com/community-guidelines

game been around since 2014, although things really started at 2017 with steam if i remember well.
I started that year, 0 kids.

Game was heavily focused on adult demography, it was the virtual wild west, please correct me if im wrong but we never had to deal or force age before, because the players were around 20-60. around end 2017 huge shit happened. Community changed quite a bit. Streams in 2018 appealed kids to try the game.

the +13 came in an update in ToS and people shit on their pants, cant remember which year. the quest 2 also didnt helped with that around 2019.

So… a full +13 approach in a game that always been +18 freedom is the dumbest idea.

Just because it wasn’t outright stated VRChat was 13+ back when hardly anyone was on the platform doesn’t mean it’s automatically 18+

We’re getting age verification soon anyway so this seems like a non-issue?

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it is. giving ID worldwide to a 3 party to play a free mmo is dystopian behavior, that wont fix all but give new issues

And making it 18+ officially would effectively get them kicked off every store platform apart from Steam, this leaves VRChat with a decimated playerbase and no sustainable revenue stream.

Rock meets hard place situation, what else could they do here?

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Being clean like others would be a good start.
We’re not talking about rocks, but about snakes in a bag here.

Im not a boot licker, I care for the people 's safety, privacy, and the community, which has more issues than “The kids bad”

Elaborate? This seems like a rather broad statement to make about a rather complex issue.

All it’ll likely do is ensure that certain instances/areas will be age-verified, and then there will be a huge group of adults that don’t want to give their ID. So it’ll be the same, plus more. I don’t see how that’s bad, especially since no one is forcing you to give your ID.