When I press “Build and Publish for Windows” nothing happens please help

Im very new to unity and uploading avatars so sorry if the problem is obvious, but whenever I try to upload an avatar the inspector side is blank (as shown in the first screenshot) then when i go to click ‘Build and Publish for Windows’ all the inspector stuff pops up (as shown in second screenshot) and thats all that happens, I know when I click the publish button its supposed to pop up what to name it and everything because ive uploaded 2 avatars the exact same way im trying other ones but these other ones wont work and just pulls up the inspector information when clicked publish and build, ive tried to upload about 10 different avatars and this same thing happens, im not sure how to fix it and would really appreciate help, thank you !

First off-- you might have a bit of work to do. That avatar is quite imperformant!! You’ve got more polygons than a typical match of Overwatch, both teams included along with the world… and enough materials and skinned meshes to cover them both, too. Just to start.

Either way, that’s not what’s stopping you. First off, make sure you’re running the latest VRChat SDK.

Try again after you ensure that. If you still have the issue, can you pull up your Unity Console? You might have some errors stopping things up. Take a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

I am running the sdk3, can you show me how to pull up my unity console? sorry like i said i’m a newbie lol, thank you very much:)


You can see the Console using the process described here.

Once you open it, click clear, try to press Build and Publish, then look for the first red Error message. The log scrolls down, so you might have to scroll upward to find the first one that happened.

Post a screenshot or copy-paste of that error here.

thank you !
thats what the console says, sorry for such late responses

Click on this, you’re not showing the errors.


Your Poiyomi shader package appears to be out of date! Go grab the latest version and upgrade.

ill try that and get back to you when i do, thank you:)

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Additionally, you seem to have multiple installs of Poiyomi in your project, so make sure to remove all of them before importing the latest version. Having multiple instances of the same script/s in the same project will conflict with each other.

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That’d do it too.

For Poi’s shader I’ve found it best to delete and reinstall instead of install on top of repeatedly. You don’t lose any settings since it’s stored in the material.

Yep, delete and reimport is the officially recommended way to update for Poiyomi.

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