Whats cool with 2019.4.29f1

No but really curious. What new thingies can we do now?

Also I love it

short list:

  • Dark mode for free
  • Improved icons/new/better icons for supported files
  • Better garbage collector (less lag spikes, more smooth performace)
  • Ability to more directly set the levels of optimization (You can tell vrchat what resolution to use for textures per preset, lods, etc)
  • Better shader handling/Memory usage, VRC should now properly clear out the memory of shaders that get unloaded, instead of keeping them in memory
  • Better prefabs
  • Built-in shader editor (Shader graph) to easily create shaders Unreal style Unity Shader Graph | Build Your Shaders Visually with Unity | Unity
  • Better lightmapper, more accurete and better performance lighting wise
  • More stuff getting pushed onto the GPU rather than CPU for no real reason
  • Better/More accurate physics engine
    • Not sure if VRC will implement this feature, but VRC’s sdk can become a package module which would allow it, and something like udon# to be updated automatically as engine packages.

thanks for making this list, been wanting to know the real differences, i didnt notice many aside from it switching build from pc to quest/vice versa way quicker compared to 2018 unity which is super convenient for world creators like me, i personally dont like the new look of the udon graph icons.unknown (1)

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there’s a plugin for that, but I forgot the name. I’ll try looking it up when I get home.

I mean for the beginning world creator there is nothing cool and new. I myself am stuck on 18 atm but in the end it really doesn’t matter.

Actually, the improved light mapper is pretty good for new world creators.

Since the GPU light mapper doesn’t take forever to compile. In fact, it only takes a couple minutes at most.

But, unless you’re updating your world with new stuff, or making a new one. There’s no major point right now to migrate to 2019.

also @mista_roy couldn’t find it. It seems to have been removed. But I did find this while looking, which is pretty neat:

i dont quite follow, plugin?

yeah i havent tried the lightmapper settings till the 2019 update, not sure which one is best for least size.

I like the new icons. made it super easy to find

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