What kind of tool should I be looking for texturing a character?

I can do really good looking blender 3D model but I realized vrchat uses different shader settings, I usually go with npr toon shaders, wandering if stuff like that exist for vr chat, i think it does since I’ve seen stuff. (also, are there any semi high end tutorials I can refer to?)

Just want a few general choices or answers, if possible, don’t give any paid options, unless they can be obtained “legally”

I personally use the Poiyomi Toon Shader, but there are several options to choose from. Releases · poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader · GitHub

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In terms of textures themselves:
I use a mixture of substance painter, paint.net and blender itself.

Once satisfied I bake it down to the Abeldo, Normal Map, Emissive map and Metal map and use poi’s shaders to make the material in vrc.

I also use amplify shader editor if I need custom materials and want to work in a blender shader style environment

But in your case you can probably skip substance (unless you’re a student in which case it’s free) and skip amplify