What kind of eyes work in VRChat?

Hello, I was hoping to find out some information about the type of eyes that VRChat models are able to use? I’m working on a set of personal characters to use in the game and I want to know what type of eyes can work. I would like to use the eyes that are either spherical or use 2D textures that are moveable mainly. However, I am willing to go the easy route of modelling the 2D anime esk eyes. Also, will these eyes be able to be viewed in the Quest version of VRchat, as I would like everyone to view these characters?

Thank you for reading and hoping to hear back Xx

The classic way of doing VRChat eyes (that work with simulated eyemovement ) is to have eyebones! You put the eyebones into the avatar descriptor (at least in SDK3) and tell it how far the bones can go left, right, up, and down, and then VRChat will animate them within the game to look at people and such.

You can also make your up and down eye movements shapekeys, and use the look up and look down system. This doesn’t allow look left and look right and the eyes generally won’t move as much.

You should totally be able to do spherical eyes! If you go the eyebone way, just make sure the base of the eyebone is in the center of the eye, so that as it twists it doesn’t shift out of its socket. Shapekeys would also work with this too!

2d eyes would also work in either regard!

The Simulated Eye Movement section in the Avatars 3 document goes a lot into the control you can have with eyes! Avatars 3.0

I hope this helps!

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