What is this avatar

I use an avatar called “windt V3.0” in vrchat because I think it looks cute but then someone asked me “what is your avatar?”. I then said “I don’t know, but the name says windt”, he then said it kind of looked like a Dutch angel dragon. I then googled it to see if I could find what it was and I only found 1 Japanese site online that was selling the model and had nothing explaining what it was. Can someone here tell me what it is or what it is from? Here’s the Japanese site I found if you think that would help. (https://milkpot1001.booth.pm/items/1942733)

After a bit of digging, it seems to be the artists’ original character.
Twitter post here: https://twitter.com/Milkpot_JP/status/1245694077212868614

Thank you for helping me