What is the solution to control the player's animation in real time?

There are some new ideas recently, but they cannot be realized. Is there any way to control the animation played by players in the station? Or change the parameters of the station animator?

Sorry, the description may be a bit confusing. To put it simply, I want to use udon to control the animation currently played by players and need to support the Layers of Animator

Or is there any scheme that can generate player replicas and can be controlled by animator

Maybe there is a big mistake in my description. If the player enters the station, dance A will be played. The animator of the station has layerB. How to play the animation of layerB in a controllable way while playing dance A

Unfortunately, there is currently no way for creators to properly override player animations with stations in SDK3. The Animator State Behavior scripts we need to do so are present in the Avatar SDK, but not the World SDK.

You can add an animator to a VRC Station component with humanoid animations, and control the parameters of that animator. The player’s avatar will brokenly attempt to play these animations.
The component we’d need to be able to properly play these animations would be the Animator Tracking Control component (State Behaviors).

I had discovered this while working on a project and have made a canny post to hopefully get this issue noticed: Canny
Currently the only way you theoretically could attempt to get this working is by mixing both the Avatar and World SDKs together (Which you are unable to do via VCC packages), which would very likely break a lot of things and not be a viable solution.