What is considered a mesh?

I’m currently creating an avatar and it has a few wires (each one “watertight”) along the side of the neck, all in a single object. Unless I find a way to connect them to their respective endpoints, are these all counted as separate meshes?

See the items named like cube.001 and plane, the orange triangles? Those are separate meshes

At some point you will want to combine some things

Wires is a material. That red sphere icon represents a material.

Remember that you can save a copy of your work, and then combine stuff and if it goes poorly, just go back to the older copy.

And I guess if you have cats tools installed (make sure you have the ‘development’ version if you’re using a recent blender)

If you have cats installed it has a button to just merge everything into a single mesh.

For when you export fbx, personally I set units to fbx all, and disable leaf bones. Leaf bones don’t do anything for unity, and raises the bone count that the SDK counts.

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Thank you (for the extra tips too) !