Weird artifacts/blotches come up on avatar when changing shaders

Whenever I switch shaders to mobile shaders on an avatar I have downloaded, strange black blotches come up all over the skin. only happens with mobile shaders when trying to make quest version of avatar

When i make the change and re-import the body is invisible? There are prefabs involved so not sure if that is relevant.

Black splotches are generally caused by vertex color data on the mesh, which you can delete from the panel on the right (in the default layout) in blender.

thanks. I removed those, but i guess I need some more help. When i make that change and then re-import my fbx, i get the above, where the prefab body is blank/disappeared. is there any way to fix that? if i reimport the original fbx everything comes back. sorry I am very noob lol. The wings which are a separate model are still there.

It looks like you unpacked your model prefab. If you do so, updating the FBX will break things. You’ll need to drag and drop the FBX into the scene again, and I’d recommend not unpacking it this time.

sorry to be a noob again, but the scene that the creator gives you already comes with a scene with it unpacked i guess and that is how i uploaded it to desktop and it is fine. since it comes with the scene already unpacked how do i fix it where it won’t break when changing the fbx? I’m just not understanding how that works i think is the problem.

So here’s what i have. this avatar’s package had the plain fbx with no textures and 2 prefabs. What i have been doing is editing the “orcaboyo” plain fbx and gettting the one that is on the right. When I replace the original plain fbx with the new one, the model breaks. Is this the way I am supposed to edit it? I don’t have an actual fbx for the completed avatar, just the prefab. also the edited fbx that i made (shown on the bottom right) has different items in it than the original. I have also made sure the prefab is not unpacked. when i right click i have the option to unpack.