Vroid Import Stretchy clothing

I am a noob at creating avatars i know nothing and have been looking for this specific thing

Basically I have been trying to figure out how i can fix the stretchy clothes effect when ever i move my arms and junk, i have gone through the weight painting settings and messed around with different strengths etc etc but i really just cant figure out how to stop the clothing from stretching as i move my avatars arms, even when i spend a bit of time weight painting i end up with a myriad of other issues, anyone got any clues on how i can fix this / what im doing wrong.

This is what i want it too look like even with arms raised

This is what ends up happening when i get down to weight painting, and i cannot figure it out My guess is it has something to do with the chest and arm bones being parented to the hoodie or something but i dont have any clue how to go about fixing that if that even is the issue haha, i have no idea.

weight painting result front

Thanks in advance

It might be that there’s just not enough geometry on the clothing mesh. If there aren’t many vertices between the last bit of weight paint and the non-painted bits, it could end up stretching the faces between the vertices like that. Specifically, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of geometry in the armpit area.

One solution might be to subdivide your clothing mesh - basically adding a bit more complexity to it then try the weight painting again.

Another possibility is that there are vertices that you don’t want in the vertex group associated with your upper arm bones. The weight painting ought to have taken care of that but… sometimes things act weird like that?


One other thing that comes to mind:

I’m not sure how you exported your VRoid model, but I know that there are options that allow you tweak your model before export - things like reducing bones, combining materials and lowering polygon counts. If you’ve done any of that - specifically lowering the polygon counts - you might consider re-exporting it without such an aggressive poly reduction.

IF you did that. If not - then disregard this. :slight_smile:

Check the weights of the vertices around the armpits. You may have to weight them to a spine bone.

Blender will normalise bone weights on export, so if your vertices around there are only rigged to the arm bones, even with a very tiny value, it will cause it to render blue (low weight) but still have full influence.