VRCPrefabs Game Jam #1

The VRCPrefabs community recently had a Udon Game Jam, where people participating took on the challenge to make a game world in VRChat using only Udon within a week.

This game jam was hosted by @Octuplex and had the theme A Helping Hand

The following rules was used:

  • Groups can be any size, or you can go solo
  • Groups can incorporate members outside of prefabs
  • You can use any assets you have
  • The world must be a game world
  • It must use Udon
  • These rules are flexible

More world jams will be hosted in the future, and we are very excited to see what people will come up with!

Hub World by Octuplex

Thank you to all participants.

World Name Author(s)
Coffin run AltCentauri
In Good Hands Orels1, Ruuubick, Jordo, Chim-Cham, akalink, IgbarVonSquid
SKIES Fins, CyanLaser, (Fionna, Peptron1)
Handy Test Silent, tsuna
Presentation Room āˆž thekally

Thanks for sharing these @VRCPrefabs! Iā€™m going to check them all out today, stoked!

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How can I take part of your next Udon Game Jam?

Our game jams are run inside our server, which is invite-only. We are happy to add established world creators who already have a good grasp of worldbuilding and vrchat basics. New creators should check out the official vrchat discord, the worlds channels there are full of helpful information for getting started.

The best way to get on our radar is to show off your stuff! Come to the Community Meetup, or message one of the team with your worlds links, post on twitter, in this forum, etc. We love to find active, helpful, community-driven creators!