VRChat UI Slider value changes as I move


It’s odd and I’ve never seen it happen in any tutorial or anywhere else but every time I’ve ever made a UI shape on a UI slider I can interact with it with the laser pointer but if I move my avatar left and right it also changes the slider value, even after I finish interacting with the slider with my laser! HELP!

Within the “Slider” component of that GameObject, look for a setting named “Navigation.” By default it’s set to Auto, and you should change it to None.

To get helpful warning messages for common pitfalls like this one, I recommend using 1’s VRWorld Toolkit, available here:

More helpful editor extensions here:

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So yes Navigation should always be None on UI compoents.

Somewhat related, but if you use ScrollView, be sure to set the Scroll Sensitivity to 0 to avoid the same type of issue.

Finally, be sure to add extra room around the slider on the Canvas / Panel. If you don’t add room around the edges, the slider might not detect when the user releases the trigger button and keep the slider dragging as the user moves their cursor.

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Thanks for the tips guys! I actually just found that answer on a comment on VRMacki’s tutorial for sliders, but yeah, I’ll have to install those tools >w<

Thanks to you guys for the help, the Avali Jukebox’s volume slider now works correctly! - image