VRChat SDK Problem

Hello VRChat Community!
I have a small problem with the VRCSDK 2.0 , everytime i want to import the SDK to Unity 2017.4.28f1 the ErrorLog says the following :

Cannot add menu item ‘VRChat SDK/Utilities/Clear Cache and PlayerPrefs’ for method ‘VRC_SdkBuilder.ClearPlayerPrefs’ because a menu item with the same name already exists.

So if i am right ,this means it already exists somewhere…

I have not much experience with Unity , what should i do?

Incorrect unity version, you need to use Unity 2018.4.20f1 now.

I am having this exact same error and I’m using 2018.4.20f1, is there a solution for this?

You likely have errors in your console. Would need to know what they are to help you fix them though.

I had same issue and solved with these steps
plz try…hope it will work
1, delete VRCSDK(old version) from your computer
2, open Unity
3, install VRCSDK into Unity
4, go to edit→Progect Settings…
5,change .NET3.5 Equivalent (Deprecated) to NET 4x Equivalent as in picture attached
6, Then Restart Unity