VRChat SDK keeps saying Android player disabled

Hey, I’m struggling with an Android player issue in unity. I found a post about downloading the addon but when I download that, The SDK won’t load into unity properly. how do I prevent this?

What error are you seeing?

it’s an Android Player disabled error without the add on, with the addon it just doesn’t SDK tab on unity

Take a look at the console tab. Do you see any red errors? [with the android add-on installed]

“Component at index 3 could not be loaded when loading game object ‘VRCCam’. Removing it!”
It’s a yellow error

Can you please post a screenshot of how your unity window looks at the moment?

Huh. That’s pretty strange. This happens with a new project, does it?

Yeah, opening old projects I have no idea on how to do properly. It won’t let me upload my models to quest otherwise. the models are quest friendly but It won’t let me switch to Android without the addon and with it comes up with that error.

Not sure what’s going on then. Hopefully someone else has an idea.

have you gone into the sdk and switched build to android? also what SDK are you using Unity version looks good. However without the VRC console is not showing in your image.

you may want to go into the folder and delete the VRCSDK folder then re-install it.