Vrchat not detecting any of my mics

A few days ago I got a Quest 2,and the first I got on it was Vrchat. I’ve had it on my Pc for awhile now,and Enjoy using it,my problem is that it wont pick up my headset mic, or quest mic. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didnt help,does anyone have any suggestions to fix?

I know this will sound obvious but you wouldn’t be the first person who hasn’t noticed that the Settings screen not only has a slider to adjust microphone volume, but also much less obvious arrows to choose which microphone source is being used. Maybe that will help?

Oh my god, thank you so much, I honestly didn’t see those! Much appreciated!

Brilliant, I actually found a solution for someone?? That’s great.
First time in VRChat, I had the same problem as you’ve experienced…someone else showed me the way.