Vrchat modeler and Editor



· Custom Model Construction

· 100% Scratch Builds from nothing.

· Visemes and Eye Tracking (And manual creation of such.)

· Dynamic Bones and Colliders

· Full Rigging And Weight Painting (Or Skinning)

· Simple Animations (Facial, Weapons, etc.)

· Toon Shaders and some Advanced Shaders

· Model Edits

· Texture Edits

· Normal, Height, Metallic, Specular, Diffuse Maps

· UV Map Edits

You MUST know what you want

Payments are done through PayPal and Cashapp are done before I start. (I Generally ask 50/50)

Price will vary on complexity and estimated time to complete → (NO REFUNDS) ←

I do offer fixes for broken models, I am very fast and clean when it comes to these, or I can
offer completely free advice on how to fix it.

Bare minimum for full character models from scratch starts at $400.00USD
Bodies/Heads/Hair/Props and other individual pieces start at $60.00USD and increase with complexity.
(These take a lot of time, effort, and communication between the two parties.)

Complete Scratch build, includes Full UV Mapping, Textures, and Viseme setup.
(This does not fall under ‘Frankensteining’)

Note: For Scratch Builds. to make you’re own very personal, one and only model, I do require a Model Reference Sheet of your OC or Character you want to build. It must provide at least a Direct Front View of the model.

I provide progress photos as I work to ensure accuracy for the model.

That’s my previous work also.


hello im interested in you work

Request sent on discord :slight_smile:

she has magical hands to draw that good!! and always here to help others tooo <3

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sent a friend request to you on discord

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