VRChat keeps logging me to husbands account

My problem doesn’t really fit into any category listed, so if a mod moves it else elsewhere, all good.

Here’s the issue. We both have Oculus 2 headsets, separate Oculus accounts, separate Steam accounts and obviously, separate FB accounts. I make sure its my accounts logged that are all on the PC.

In the Oculus, its my profile loaded. When I use the link cable or use wireless connect to pc, its my account and my setting and profile shown on the Oculus home screen. However, when I open VRChat wireless or plugged in to our pc, it automatically loads his account and goes into world. I don’t even have a change to cancel the logging in “him”, because the screen changes and loads so quickly.

I jump into his avatar. He can go into his headset not linked and use his account and his avatar as well at the same time. We thought maybe if he was already in, it would at the very least kick me out and default to my account but … nope.

The same thing happens when I use steam to log in to VR, under my account, even selecting use 2d and just use the monitor.

Why is this happening?
How do I fix it?
Surly, i’m not the first person who’s had this issue.
Seems at the very least, a privacy breach that I can access his account so freely.

If we both use the Oculus unlinked or he links to the pc and I use unlinked, then both headsets perform normally with him in his account and me in mine. However this is not ideal as I would like access to the PC version of VRChat for its content and graphics as well.

When he logs in, does he log in using vrchat or log in using oculus?

if oculus: that’s definitely an issue that has not been reported yet. the canny would be more appropriate. Canny

If vrchat: that’s fully intended, and there is no relation to oculus so it doesn’t matter that you’re logged in elsewhere. But the cool thing is that if you need a better way of logging into your different accounts without putting in the password every time, vrchat has a launch parameter that changes your profile. the profile allows you to save login information for multiple independent accounts. To use this feature simply add --profile=0 or --profile=1 to your launch parameters. You can do this by either adding it to the application settings on steam or by creating multiple different shortcuts to the vrchat application and putting a different profile on each one. then for example he would use profile 0 and you would have profile 1

We both log in the same way. If this response sounds like it came from a VRChat noob, lol . Its cause it was.

Unlinked: In headset, power up, go to apps, click on apps/VRChat. VR chat opens and rightful (my) account is loaded.

Linked to PC: In headset, power up, go to Oculus apps, click on apps/vrchat. VR chat opens and His account is loaded in my headset. (When linked, I start in Oculus home world, its different then unlinked with start room being a vast white grid. When I open options, it def shows my profile and my friends. So I know its my headset and my account opened in that headset. However, its his account that gets loaded when I click the VRChat app to start.)

Steam on PC: With or without headset linked. No Oculus opened or opened, but to my account. I open steam. Enter my credentials’ and password. Its def my steam account as I see my user name. Click library/VRChat. Play. Auto loads his account.

When he loads VRChat, he does it the same way. Either through the Oculus app or through the Steam app. No other settings or apps are touched.

Things I have tried include uninstalling and reinstalling VRChat on both PC and headset with a full power down and restart. The results are the same. As soon as I log into Oculus/VRChat, it put me in his account. Same with Steam

I tried clicking on the canny link. I guess my account is untrusted to report bugs. :rofl:

yeah I think you’re getting bogged down with all this steam and oculus stuff. if you haven’t already, you should make a vrchat account and merge your other accounts. this will allow to log into vrchat itself (not oculus, not steam) with a username and password. once you both have your own separate vrchat accounts, all you need to do is launch vrchat and click logout to switch accounts. the whole profile thing is just a fancier way to skip logout/put in password every time.

Figured a solution.

Made a separate windows account. Logged in to said account.
Link Oculus headset to PC. Uninstall and reinstall VRchat app in headset.
VRChat now opens my account instead of his.

Again though, this seems like a data or privacy breach that its that easy to
access someone else’s account.