VRC_SyncVideoStream script not playing live streams


Followed the steps to use VRC_SyncVideoStream to create a video player that can use a ‘live stream’ source. Is this script still supported? I’m using SDK2 because the script did not appear under ‘components’ in SDK3.

Wondering if this is an outdated method or is it not even possible to achieve live stream video players with VRCSDK anymore?

Any insight much appreciated!


I don’t know about the VRC_SyncVideoStream and SDK2. According to the documentation, VRC_SyncVideoStream isn’t deprecated : VRC_SyncVideoStream

But with SDK3 you can use VRCAVProVideoPlayer to play live stream in your world.

In SDK3 you can find a prefab called UdonSyncPlayer (AVPro) with is a good start to work this component.