VRC_Sync Video Stream issues

Hello there!

I’m kinda new here and in VRChat in general! Altho I don’t see anything related to issues anywhere. I do hope you forgive me if its the wrong place to post this topic.

I am working on some audio stuff for my most recent project. Something related to a scene configuration with left, right, front and back speakers. I have to notice you that I’m not using the UDON programming, since its missing alot of options that I need to use for my project!

My problem is that if I wanna use multiple audio sources, not even one does work with VRC_Sync Video Stream.

I’ve done alot of ressearch and sadly it appears that I couldn’t find a place that would explain why the audio won’t play (And of course the video does so I feel close to solve this issue!)

Anyone would like to share a solution about this issue ? I’d be happy to share my VRC_Video Speaker configuration with a capture :