VRC SDK 2 Problem

I am trying to make a VRChat world and have completed everything that I want to with it and just need to upload it to VRChat to show it to some friends, but the SDK is having an issue with an error " NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object VRCSDK2.RuntimeWorldCreation.Start () (at Assets/VRCSDK/Dependencies/VRChat/Scripts/RuntimeWorldCreation.cs:82) " which seems to refer to an asset that isnt loading properly and when clicked on it goes to the VRChat SDK that appears in the scene when you go to upload and in the inspector it has the " Runtime World Creation (Script) " which is missing the toggle for " Content NSFW " which I assume to be the missing / null reference that is preventing the world from being made.

Null reference means thats something is empty, and in this case it’s the toggle it normally uses to see if something is nsfw.

I’d just download a newer (or older) version of sdk2 and re-import it into unity to overwrite the broken sdk2.

I got the newest version of the SDK off the website and it had the same problem so, where would I find an older version that works with VRChat?

This probably wont lead anywhere, but I guess a try can’t hurt.
I had some weird problems uploading aswell.

If you click on the little circle next to the field where the script should be - and type “toggle” in the search - do you find a script thats called ToggleNsfw or something similar?

If yes, you could try to just add it.
If no, maybe redownload and reimport the SDK?
If the script is missing something 's definitly wrong with the SDK

It was completely missing from the scripting and the SDK on the website was broken in the same way so I’m trying to find a working archive but have a few thing on my plate and haven’t been able to as of yet.