VRC pickup objects disapear and mirror toggle doesn't work. Help?

I only started making my world yesterday Using the sdk3/Udon. I read trough the documentation and watched a lot of videos on how it works, but I haven’t been able to make a simple item pickup work, nor have I gotten a mirror toggle to work.
With the pickup thing, I have a few objects in my world I want everyone to be able to pickup (just some cans and things like that) I added a collider and the VRC pickup to them (also a rigidbody), but all the things I added the VRC pickup to disappeared when I was testing the world or when I uploaded it. I tried fixing it, but haven’t found any way to fix it yet.
With the mirror I followed a simple tutorial on youtube which explained how to make an object into a button with the nodes, but the things I made into buttons don’t show that you can interact with them at all on vrc. I might’ve made a mistake at some point, but I’ve redone it a few times already and have no idea where I went wrong.
I’d appreciate any help I can get, I’m just really confused about everything and haven’t found any answers anywhere yet.

Edit: I was able to fix the pickup issue by changing the collider. Apparently you can’t use a mesh collider, bc that won’t work on pickup objects and will just make them turn invisible. I just changed it to a box collider and now the objects work in game. I was also able to fix the buttons, but I honestly have no idea how, bc one day when I went to the world they just worked… I’m still confused, but at least everything’s working now lol

Hi Xelixil!

I have just run into exactly the same problem with pick up objects not appearing in the test build. I’ve set them up like you (collision cube, rigid body, pickup), but can’t see them at all when I test build.

Did you find a solution?

Hi Xelxil!

Mmh, thats weird :o
It should work if everythings set up correctly.
Maybe follow this tutorial to start off

If you want a VRC Pickup to be in sync for everyone you should check the “Sync Position” Button in the Pickup Script in the Inspector.

I have no idea tho why it would delete all the setting for you when you test the world. thats pretty weird ._.

Edit: Just in Case I misunderstood it - if everything stays how it is in the inspector and the objects just disappear, maybe check if your colliders are marked as “is Trigger”
if they are, uncheck that. Because if the Objects are marked as a Trigger they wont collide with anything and just fall infinitly if they use Gravity.

Add to that that pickups have physics turned on by default including gravity. You might want to enter “play mode” in unity and just see what they’re doing. After all, what happens in unity will be roughly the same in VRC.

Also, plug of a tool I’ve been using when testing worlds:



That tool allows you to test your world while in unity and helps debugging these things easier.

But I’m drifting off-topic. It’s most likely just not having proper collision.