VRC pickup objects disapear and mirror toggle doesn't work. Help?

I only started making my world yesterday Using the sdk3/Udon. I read trough the documentation and watched a lot of videos on how it works, but I haven’t been able to make a simple item pickup work, nor have I gotten a mirror toggle to work.
With the pickup thing, I have a few objects in my world I want everyone to be able to pickup (just some cans and things like that) I added a collider and the VRC pickup to them (also a rigidbody), but all the things I added the VRC pickup to disappeared when I was testing the world or when I uploaded it. I tried fixing it, but haven’t found any way to fix it yet.
With the mirror I followed a simple tutorial on youtube which explained how to make an object into a button with the nodes, but the things I made into buttons don’t show that you can interact with them at all on vrc. I might’ve made a mistake at some point, but I’ve redone it a few times already and have no idea where I went wrong.
I’d appreciate any help I can get, I’m just really confused about everything and haven’t found any answers anywhere yet.