VRC avatar gray in Blender

I am a complete newbie to blender and unity, I recently learned how to import a VRC model from unity into blender. The main issue is that the avatar creator’s package is a complete mess. I don’t know what to put in my folder for the textures! do I put in the pngs or .mats? how do I add them to the body?

if there is any way you can dumb it down for me to understand please do so! or if you know of any tutorials i can follow! thank you!

You will need the PNG’s for Blender. In Blender, there should be a shader tab at the top and a list of materials on the right (Screenshot below will show you where and make sure you have the model selected as well)

In the Shader tab, you will see something likethis in screenshot 1 below, The blue node (might be a different color for you) is where you would place in the png texture for the material, by pressing the folder icon in screenshot 2

screenshot 1

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2022-02-23 004934

using the material list on the right, you can change between the materials and place in the right pngs into the image node, I hope this helps :3

(and sorry, didn’t read your question all the way before xD)

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wow thank you so much!!! this is incredibly helpful! thank you for answering both my questions! <3 <3 <3

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You are very welcome :3