VR Chat Avatar Local Audio Idea

simple explanation: Local audio, where only the player using the avatar can hear the audio. apon switching avatars, audio deletes itself. and also create a option that avatars have an audio limiter. where certain audio based avatars will not work or just remain mute. say 5 seconds for your avatar is ok, but 4 minutes is not.

having local audio, playing the audio so only you can hear it, and anyone else who has the avatar on can also only hear their audio and not the players audio.
pc audio is the same, everyone can hear it.

after the avatar is switched, the audio is deleted. and will need to be downloaded via switching back to the avatar previously used, longest audio can be played for could be a specific limit, or cannot pass a certain number of seconds.

having the audio delete itself afterwards can help put less stress on the system,
having only the players hear their own audio and not load the others audio, will hopefully lower the cpu or stress on the system.

give it a go, try a limit of 5 seconds, this way memes, and also sound effects can be used.
as mentioned above, have a limiter the same as the avatar limiter, where above a certain amount of cpu usage, your avatar cannot or will not have sound.

let me know what you think.

if you require assistance or techical assistance in finding ways to get it to work we can set up ways to gather people to aid, there is alot of smart people out there who can make this happen who have the skills if given the tools.

thank you for reading.

Is this a feature request? When you write this up for a post on the feedback site, I think it’s very important to be clear on what you’re asking to be added, especially compared to existing avatar audio.