Voice Filtering

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I just started using the SDK for a personal project I had in mind for a long time. I´m making a restaurant centred in getting people to not talk in groups but on 1 on 1. Normally 2 persons in real life would sit on a table to talk and would likely hear each other very clearly. Sadly, that´s not the case in a lot of instances in VRChat because there is a group talking nearby, a troll screaming or just the volume of the other player isn´t audible because of the environment.

So here´s my dilemma. If I want that desired effect of “privacy”, then I would have to create rooms that are far away and isolated so the whole restaurant immersion would be lost. Is it possible to make players who enter a zone just hear other players/sounds in general inside that zone?

I was thinking of getting the IDs of the players inside the zone and muting everything else outside or just making those players receive sounds coming from that zone. Maybe move the “player´s hearer” to another location and do a copy of that space. I don´t know how much permissions we have but something on that direction, if possible, would be fun and great to implement!

I would be happy if someone could answer this question or straight up tell me if this isn´t possible.

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I’m by no means an expert in this area, but I think I can suggest some places to investigate.

There are some audio components such as Reverb Zone or other Audio Filters that you could try using that are enabled/disabled when people enter or sit at a booth.

The trick is that these require an Audio Listener to function and the Audio Listener on the Main Camera object is removed when loading the world in the client.

You can remove the Audio Listener from the camera though and simply add a new one to any other component (Just ONE is needed in the whole scene), and it it won’t be removed and lets the reverb zones work.

There’s also the VRC Player Audio Override that may give the effect you’re looking for.

Sorry I can’t be more detailed. :slight_smile: I don’t do a lot of audio-related stuff in VRC.

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Thanks for the links! I´ll go ahead and take a look